Precise Free Motion Training

Precise Free Motion training is a style of training that is tailored to an individuals body mechanics. Once this is assessed with proper nutrition and cardiovascular program you will start to burn fat and gain lean mass at a rapid pace. Proven results have changed peoples lives.

Weight Division Prep

This is done by using all natural nutrition conditioning & exercise cardiovascular programs. Dexa body fat analyzer is one of the tools we use (see below). We not only meet your goals we get you leaner, faster, stronger.


If your going up in weight and putting on lean muscle or dropping weight we incorporate these programs to achieve these goals.


We build stamina, drop bodyfat, get you leaner and a healthier life style.


We don’t manipulate the body by dangerously cutting weight or dehydration. The kidneys, liver /heart and muscles are protected while the muscles are made leaner/healthier. It is paramount to us to help you achieve your goals healthy & safely.


Please note: We have a detox formula that takes out all the toxins in your body.


We will apply this detox program to your system. This detox program will help remove metals and toxins thus helping your body perform better to reach your perfect peak performance.


We are commited to you being #1. Best wishes and cheers to your health


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